Lifelong Learning Programme
Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig - Multilateral Project
Project no.: 142235-2008-LLP-NL-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Project title: TRICC - Training Intercultural and Bilingual Competencies in Health and Social Care
Interdisciplinary Social Science Department
Utrecht University

Utrecht, the Netherlands
Boğaziçi University
Istanbul, Turkey
COOSS Marche
Ancona, Italy
dock europe e.V.
Hamburg, Germany
PPRE Limited
London, Great Britain


Educational Methods

TRICC trainings include a wide variety of educational methods – facilitator’s inputs, warm-ups, group discussions, brainstorming, dialogue analysis, working groups, role-play, expressive theatre, Forum Theatre. Featured here is a report on Forum Theatre, the key learning method of the TRICC project, as well as an overview of the trainings conducted in each country.

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Research Methods

The assessment of training needs is based on earlier findings within the previous project BICOM as well as scientific studies and publications on ad hoc interpreting. This knowledge was extended in the TRICC project by conducting group and individual interviews with different target groups to develop the training modules geared to the respective needs. Featured here are the interview guidelines used, as well as the training needs assessed in interviews and discussions with different target groups.

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Evaluation Methods

What effect do the trainings have on the daily routine of the different target groups? To what degree were the aims of the trainings achieved? Were the trainings successful in reaching out to the target groups? To find the answers to these questions, the trainings conducted were evaluated in individual and group discussions and with the aid of questionnaires. Featured here is an overview of the different evaluation methods and results.

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