Lifelong Learning Programme
Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig - Multilateral Project
Project no.: 142235-2008-LLP-NL-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Project title: TRICC - Training Intercultural and Bilingual Competencies in Health and Social Care
Interdisciplinary Social Science Department
Utrecht University

Utrecht, the Netherlands
Boğaziçi University
Istanbul, Turkey
COOSS Marche
Ancona, Italy
dock europe e.V.
Hamburg, Germany
PPRE Limited
London, Great Britain

COOSS Marche presentation

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Francesca Cesaroni · Claudio Sdogati

COOSS Marche is a social co-operative, non profit organisation, providing social (care) and sanitary (health) services to the weakest segments of the population. Its central seat is in Ancona, a town located in the eastern-central part of Italy, in the Adriatic Sea. It was born in 1979 and it has steadily grown up in the quantity and quality of the care services provided. It counts more than 1.700 members/employees and is widely spreading its geographical area of activity.


COOSS Marche care services are devoted to the following groups:

Migrant people, who benefit of educational supports and of training activities to facilitate their labour insertion, and to promote the equal opportunities between women and men and between migrants and local citizens. COOSS also designed and developed some recreational centres where minors of different races can meet and play together. With respect to this target group, it has to be stressed the great number of migrant people, especially women, regularly employed in COOSS. The greatest part of them work as home carers for elderly people, but many of them are nurses or assistants working within hospitals. The possibility to enquiry on their working conditions, on the advantages/disadvantages their condition of bilingual workers implies, and the extent to which these informal competences are valorised and used within their working environment are the reasons for our interest in the project. Elderly people, who are cared both at their private homes and within protected houses. Disabled people, who benefit of tailored rehabilitative, sanitary and educational services provided by qualified operators, in their private homes, in daily centres or in public schools. Mentally impaired people, who are looked after within small family-like structures. Drug-addicted people, who can rely on tailored services of preventive information, education, psychological support, involvement in the working world and social reintegration Childhood, with kindergartens all over the regional territory, where children between 0 and 3 years age are cared for. Minors at risk of exclusion, delinquency and violence, who can benefit from educative services provided within first acceptance structures (especially for abandoned foreigner minors) and aggregation centres, where leisure and educative activities are carried out in the after school time by educators and psychologists.

Even if the social care services provision is the main area of activities, COOSS Marche is aware of the importance of the social research to improve the quality of the services provided. For this reason, since 1993, COOSS Marche has activated the Research and Training Department, with the aim to find, research and experiment innovative solutions to the emerging social needs. The Department of Research and Training is composed by graduated researchers, whose task is to analyse the new social problems through the development and the realisation of local, national and European projects, and to develop and experiment innovative solution in the social area. The Department of Research and Training also develops training courses for the qualification of professional figures to be employed in the social sector. The Department has been accredited as Training Body by the Regional Government in 2002.


CV of the persons involved in the project implementation

Francesca Cesaroni B.Sc (Human), University of Macerata
After the University, I achieved the certificate to teach in public schools and followed a teaching career for three year. My interests have been increasingly addressing to the social services to persons, and in 1994 I have been employed in COOSS Marche, Research and Training Department, with special commitment in European Projects and in training initiatives. Since then, I have been deeply involved in EU funded projects on different social issues, either as partner or coordinator. I also designed and coordinated vocational training courses for social operators.


Claudio Sdogati B.Sc (Economist), University of Ancona

He works in COOSS Marche since 1993 and leads the Department of Research and Training (R&T), after ten years managing the Study Centre of the Marche Industrial Federation. He works as senior researcher on social, health, economic and ICT topics. His scientific interests about migrations, demography and multiculturalism let him directly involved and participated to many European, national and regional projects (EQUAL I round, INTERREG IIIA, EUROPAID).
Particular attention was devoted to the minors and women migrant conditions, both in the working life, access to VET and labour market insertion and respect of equal opportunities and civil rights. He is author of articles and publications dealing with different aspects of the Italian social structure and modifications following migration phenomena. Given his deep and wide knowledge of social care service provision and management of companies within social and health sector, he is teacher within VET initiatives and is advisor for public and private companies.